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Arian Textile Group, with long experience, along with understanding the needs of customers, tries to produce high-quality goods with a variety of customized and up-to-date colors and take a big step in the field of national production and self-sufficiency in this industry.

This group started its activity in the field of importing fabrics from abroad in 1361, and in 1376, it had an opportunity to produce in Qala Mir Industrial Town, and then gradually, with the increase in demand, the development plan in 1381 in Shekohie Industrial Town with the brand Arin Tab. And Arin Horsa succeeded in setting up one of the most modern factories in the country’s textile industry, including spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing.

This company has always achieved its lofty goals by studying modern knowledge of fiber physics and textile technology and textile chemistry and finishing, which is the main basis for the production of any fabric, and with the capabilities of the company’s expert employees and modern machines.Research and Development Unit, (R&D)

Production Units

Control and Pachaging Machine



Mantle fabric

Pants fabric

Dres fabric

Suit fabric

Coat and skirt fabric



100% Polyester

100% Viscose

100% Cotton


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